There’s lots to do and even more to see in the Hurtwood.

Take family, friends, a picnic, a camera, binoculars, the dog, a good book or just yourself and a bit of time There are splendid views from Pitch Hill, Holmbury Hill and Winterfold ridge – on a good day you really can see the sea.

view from pitch hill


As a courtesy to the local villages, please use the Hurtwood carparks.

They are free and open for your use, including horse boxes – click here for their locations on Google Maps.

Please note – overnight parking is not allowed.


Opposite is a map showing the areas that are managed by the Friends of the Hurtwood. This is for illustrative purposes only. The OS Maps for the area are Explorer Range 145/6 and Landranger Range 187


There is no official map showing MTB trails, but you can find out more by asking around while you’re out and about on the Hurtwood.


Details of some of our favourite walks can be found in the Walking page. There are more on the alltrails website

What-Three-Words (W3W)

The Hurtwood covers a large area and can be confusing! Many areas look so alike. What3Words provide a useful app to locate yourself while in the area. Download the W3W app here

Car park locations - click to download
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