Hurtwood Code and Risk

Please follow the Hurtwood Code and help protect the Hurtwood

hill fort

Respect the environment and its wildlife

  • Take litter home
  • Leave wildflowers where they’re growing
  • No fires or barbecues
  • No felling or removal of wood
  • No fly tippng

Always consider the safety and rights of others

  • Be courteous to other users
  • No unauthorised digging or trail building
  • No shooting
  • No motorised vehicles beyond car parks
  • No camping and no caravans

Please be aware that you visit the Hurtwood entirely at your own risk. The Hurtwood is a natural environment which has many hidden obstacles that can trip you up.

Walkers, uniquely, can roam ‘off-piste’ but must be aware that paths and tracks are not surfaced and may be rough and, particularly in winter, can be very muddy and slippery.

Bikers will find many miles of trails through the Hurtwood with easy access to Ranmore Common and Leith Hill. Please be aware that there are many man-made ditches and banks to prevent fly-tipping.

Horse Riders must be aware that the Hurtwood is a great draw for mountain bikers. Peaslake is now a biking hub and at weekends the Hurtwood is very busy with bikers.